The magic of the movies - A.B.L.E. style!

So often when we see individuals with disabilities on screen, the focus is on them somehow needing to "overcome" their disability, or succeeding despite their disability. A.B.L.E.’s films are not like that. We imagine worlds where they can pursue jobs and meaningful relationships as naturally as they race cars and fly jetpacks. Our hope is these films will spark meaningful dialogue and encourage audiences to celebrate the differences in all of us. 

Both of our feature films were written especially for the ensemble by A.B.L.E. co-founder and teaching artist, Lawrence Kern, based on monologues and scenes they devised. Actors collaborated with professional filmmakers to create a unique spin on classic cinematic genres.

We are happy to arrange private screenings at your local cinema, school, or community center. Depending on location, we can also arrange talkbacks with some of our cast and crew.

The Curse of the tempest Jewel

This film noir follows an ensemble cast of 17 actors with Down syndrome as they embark on a quest for the legendary Tempest Jewel, which was lost at sea 200 years earlier. A wealthy client commissions two local detectives to track down the treasure with nothing but a cryptic riddle for guidance. As they interview people around Chicago, each new character daydreams about what they would do with the fortune. Each must ultimately face the difficult choice between fortune and friendship. 

Running time 47mins

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The spy who knew me

A riff on the classic spy-adventure genre epitomized by James Bond, THE SPY WHO KNEW ME follows super spy Tabitha Link and the ladies of the all-female agency U.N.I.T.E. After receiving an anonymous tip, Tabitha winds up at the scene of a jewelry heist where she sees a face from her past. She and her fellow spies race to find the connections between a series of thefts, a top-secret military experiment, and several missing operatives before they lose themselves completely to the evil organization E.C.H.O.

Running time 67mins

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